Indeed I remember my childhood with fond memories especially because of my late father whom I was very close to. I was his favourite being the last of his three children. I was pampered by him a lot and so when he died, I was totally lost and up till now even after 14 years, I still miss and remember him with fond memories.

I was really protected as a child and was well loved by all around me. I look back today full of gratitude for those wonderful period of my life.

Did that pampering mean that you were allowed to do the things you wanted at that period of your life?

Far from it. Despite the fact that I was loved and pampered by all, there was strict discipline in the family. My parents didn’t spare the rod when the need to use it arose.

While growing up, I loved reading books a lot. Perhaps it was as a result of the discipline instilled in us from that early age. I read anything including magazines etc. My appetite for books even up till this point is insatiable.

I remember that as an undergraduate in the university, I wasn’t much of a party person. I’m not sure I attended any party while in school. Some of my friends thought I was boring for not attending parties while in the university. For me, it was just my books and then church.

So, at what point did you first have a real relationship?

Well,that was during the last month of my National Youth Service Corps programme in Kebbi State.We started dating and was looking forward to bigger things but everything soon ended. You can imagine how heartbroken I was to leave the guy at that time.

What qualities attracts you to a person the most when you meet them?

I like honest people especially those with integrity. I like the ones who respect the feelings of others because for me respect is very important.

One of the things that attracts me to a person when I meet them is their intellect. The ability to have a stimulating conversation interests me a lot. I have met many people and couldn’t even have a conversation with them because they didn’t have anything to say or any value to offer.

So, I love people that are able to stimulate my mind intellectually.

How do you pamper yourself when the need arises?

My daily schedule is usually loaded but in the midst of it all I try to pamper myself.We have an in-house spa at our office and this makes it easier for me to have a massage and do other things like scrub more often.

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