President Trump met Saturday with French President Emanuel Macron in Paris, with both leaders avoiding public talk of Mr. Macron’s “insult” that the U.S. could pose a military threat.

They greeted each other with tight smiles at the Élysée Palace after Mr. Trump ruffling feathers upon arrival Friday in France by tweeting that it was very insulting that Mr. Macron said Europe needed stronger military defense against “China, Russia and even the United States.”

Mr. Macron carefully avoided talking about it. He instead focused on NATO burden sharing, an area where he and Mr. Trump are on the same page and which bolsters his case for stronger French leadership in Europe.

Mr. Trump played along.

“We are getting along from the standpoint of fairness and to be fair, we want to help Europe but it has to be fair,” Mr. Trump said when a French reporter asked about the perceived insult. “The burden sharing has been largely on the United States, as the president will say.”

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